Adult Civil Citation Program

The Adult Civil Citation program is a pre-arrest diversion program that allows police to issue a citation to adult offenders that commit certain non-violent, misdemeanor crimes. The adult civil citation is in lieu of an arrest or Notice to Appear, and law enforcement have the discretion to issue such citation. Only first-time offenders on designated misdemeanor crimes are eligible for the adult civil citation program.

You will sign a civil citation program agreement with the state attorney’s office that provides all the required conditions. The conditions include a program fee, community service hours, and an online substance abuse course (if required by charge) that will need to be completed within 90 days. When you meet all the requirements, the case is dismissed and there is no mark on your permanent record. Failure to meet the requirements in the 90 day deadline would result in a warrant being issued for your arrest.


Please follow the Substance abuse course link below.

You will need create a profile, enroll in the 4 hour course, and pay $25. Once you complete the course the adult civil citation coordinator will be notified.

Adult Civil Citation Contact information:

Heather Deutsch


Office: 352-671-5861