Brad King

Your State Attorney

Brad King began his legal career as an assistant state attorney under State Attorneys Gordon Oldham and Ray Gill. He worked in every division and became a mentor and supervisor to other prosecutors before winning election to State Attorney in 1988. Since having been sworn into office in January of 1989, he has remained the elected State Attorney serving the Fifth Judicial Circuit which includes Marion, Citrus, Lake, Sumter, and Hernando counties.

Brad was born in Terre Haute, Indiana in 1957, and has lived almost all of his life here in Florida. After graduation from Forest High School, Brad majored in banking and finance at the University of Florida and graduated with high honors in 1978. He then attended law school at the University of Florida but left to work as a Marion County Sheriff’s Deputy for a time. He subsequently returned to law school, graduated in 1981, and began working for the State Attorney’s Office. His lifetime chosen profession is one of a career prosecutor.

As a training sheriff’s deputy, Brad received the K.C. Alvarez award as the top law enforcement recruit. He was also the recipient of the Florida Counsel on Crime and Delinquency’s Distinguished Service Award for outstanding and innovative services as the State Attorney of the Fifth Judicial Circuit. He has twice been elected as the president of the Florida Prosecuting Attorney’s Association. He served as a member of the Innocence Commission which was charged with reviewing and addressing issues to prevent the wrongful conviction of persons in the criminal court system. He serves as chair of the Judicial Administration Commission. The Commission oversees logistics for all State Attorney’s Office, Public Defender, Regional Conflict Counsel, Capital Collateral Representative Offices, and Guardian ad Litem.

As your State Attorney, I am committed to ensuring public safety and promoting respect for government through the prompt, effective, and compassionate prosecution of cases. This must be done in a manner that advocates for the interests of all victims, respects law enforcement agencies, and holds offenders accountable at the same time as protecting the constitutional and legal rights of the accused.